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Matina Jewell

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Virtual Keynote Presentation

Matina and the team now offer a world-class virtual event experience.

Live Streaming

- from the studio -

Full AV Team
(audio, visual, lighting)
Live switching between camera angles at 1080P
Reliable, high speed internet (with redundancy)

Virtual Keynote

Leadership | Resilience | Change

Acclaimed Internationally, Matina is now available to deliver a 60-Minute Virtual Keynote Presentation incorporating:

Professionally produced audio, visual & lighting

In Full High Definition 1080P Digital

…with redundancy for a seamless experience.


'Showcase' Keynote
& Virtual Workshops

Also available for virtual delivery:

Audiences are afforded the opportunity to shift perspective, to see change as opportunity and consider that we all have the resilience to overcome hardship that at times might seem insurmountable, by drawing on what gives us purpose, meaning and fulfilment… all in 30 minutes!

Choose a workshop topic:

Sudden Leadership: Dinner with a Warlord
Delegation: Off to War… with no Manual
Communication: 1000 Troops, Pitch Black, No Radios
Connection: 2 Years at Sea
Decision Making: Fighter Jet Attack Inbound
Dutiful® Leadership: The Honour and Privilege

Choose a workshop topic:

Resilience: Is A Muscle: Performing Under Pressure
Flexibility: No Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy
Facing Fear: Fast Rope from a Chopper
Perspective: It’s not a war stopper
Humour: Air Force Weenies
Dutiful® Purpose: Combine and Unite

+ an additional 30 min Q&A can be added to any workshop session (fees apply).


Virtual Special Events

LIVE Streaming Conversations

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