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This is leadership in action, in your pocket.

Leadership and resilience like never before?

I know what it is like to lead people under pressure, where the stakes are literally life-and-death.

I have distilled the key elements of what I know of leadership and resilience, based on my military training, experience in uniform (and since), along with the latest thinking as distilled by my research team after an exhaustive global review.

The six key pillars of leadership and six key pillars of resilience have been tried and tested in war zones and workplaces, battlefield and boardrooms.

The fulfilment that comes, as a person and as leader, knowing you’ve done your absolute best as a team to achieve things believed ‘not possible’ is right up there.

Let me share ‘how’.

– Matina Jewell

Online courses include complimentary access to Matina’s exclusive Leadership in Action Online Community


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6 Modules

3h 30m

From $149 per module

All new insights to help you and your team grow personally and professionally, to get more done.

Six enthralling video modules showcase more incredible stories, and bring Matina’s hard won lessons from the battlefield to the boardroom.

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6 Modules

3h 42m

From $149 per module

Change the way you think about, and ‘do’ resilience.

Resilient organisations are better equipped for everyday challenges – and major disruption – while protecting our most valuable asset, our people.

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