Matina Jewell

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Matina Jewell

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This is leadership in action, in your pocket.


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Matina Jewell is one of the most accomplished female soldiers in Australian military history.

More than just an incredible life story, Matina draws out the lessons she learnt for herself along the way. All in her girl-next-door style.

Through Matina’s acclaimed International Keynote Presentation, audiences are afforded the opportunity to shift perspective, to see change as opportunity and consider that we all have the resilience to overcome hardship that at times might seem insurmountable, if we can draw on the things that give us purpose, meaning and fulfilment; to feel inspired everyday.

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Leadership in Action Keynote Speaker Presentation

Extraordinary stories of leadership in action, from some of the most hostile places on earth, unpacked with extraordinary story-telling.

More incredible stories from some of the most hostile places on earth

Leadership Keynote Speaker Presentation

Core Themes: Leadership through Crisis | Accepting and thriving through change | Resilience

Online Virtual Live Streaming Leadership Keynote Speaker Presentation

  • Purpose: Clear and united to help stay-the-course through crisis
  • Knowing Your Team: Your words of encouragement may make the difference
  • Empowering Teams: Mission-critical elements for high performing teams
  • Decision Making in Crisis: Decision, Risk, Responsibility Framework
  • Performing Under Pressure: Being outside your comfort zone affords the opportunity to learn
  • High Performance Culture: Thriving, not just surviving through change
  • The Importance of Humour: Matina's Decision, Risk, Responsibility Framework
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Drawing on differences to strengthen teams

“Matina creates the extraordinary ability for ME to hear her story and simultaneously SEE my story in hers. My perception is changed forever and I feel an inherent ‘call to action’ in this ‘awakening’ of my story.”

'The most powerful speaker you will ever see.'

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