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This is leadership in action, in your pocket.

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Unlike any other leadership training in the market, the Leadership in Action Series is aimed at equipping employees at all stages of their leadership journey with the capabilities to deal with increasingly complex and rapidly-changing operating environments. 

“My experience in the military taught me what it is like to lead people under pressure in some of the toughest environments on earth, and the Leadership in Action Series applies those learnings to the challenges facing the modern-day workplace.” – Matina Jewell

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Leadership in Action

More incredible stories of leadership in action, from some of the most hostile places on earth.

More incredible stories from some of the most hostile places on earth

Leadership Course & Training


The Leadership in Action series translates Matina’s innovative face-to-face training to an online environment offering a scalable program that helps navigate and lead through a period of unparalleled and widespread disruption playing out across almost every industry sector.

The Leadership in Action series around six core skills to drive effective leadership, build organisational performance, and develop skills to thrive in leadership roles.

The six modules encompass:

  • stepping-up to ‘sudden’ leadership opportunities;
  • empowering delegation to get more done;
  • communicating with clarity;
  • building workplace connection;
  • decision-making to manage risk under pressure; and
  • adopting a Dutiful® leadership style.
This blended learning course with offline exercises and activities incorporates adult learning principals to help reinforce and embed the online learning.
Matina Jewell Leadership in Action also includes:
  • Live Streaming Q&A Sessions
  • Lifetime Access to All Tools, Frameworks & Resources
  • Exclusive Access to the Leadership in Action Online Community


I recently had the pleasure of coordinating an online session with Matina Jewell for our Rural Room Media Stringers Network; a nationwide ecosystem of creatives based all over regional Australia. Working with Matina was an absolute joy – she is 100 percent invested in the process from start to end and went to great lengths to learn about our business so she could genuinely connect with the audience. Her story is truly inspiring, and she made herself open and available to a vast range of questions which returned a wealth of information, ideas and insights that were extremely valuable to our audience. Matina is professional, authentic, uplifting, empowering, passionate, relatable - a special spirit who makes a lasting impact. We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to enjoy such a dynamic online experience with an incredible individual.

WARNING: This is not your typical online leadership training!

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