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Matina Jewell Keynote Speaker Leadership Australia
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Matina Jewell

Leadership in Action

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Matina Jewell
(Retired) CSP

Leadership Strategist
International Keynote Speaker
Best-selling Author

Matina earned her military accolades in some of the toughest environments on earth.

Her courageous decision-making in crisis, dutiful leadership style and purpose driven approach to building resilient teams, continues to help leading organisations globally, to thrive through change.​

As an in-demand International keynote speaker for over a decade, Matina’s enthralling footage shot first-hand on the front-line captures her audience from the first moment.​

Matina has been a Prime Ministerial advisor and recognised in the ‘AFR 100 Women of Influence’, Telstra Business Awards and was named a CPA Australia ‘Top-10 Smart Thinker

Throughout her keynote, Matina draws out the lessons she took for herself from hotspots around the world, providing the opportunity for life-changing perspective on leadership, resilience and thriving through change.

Just when I thought I could breathe, she took my breath away again!

More than just another incredible life story

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“The most powerful speaker you will ever see”


Matina Jewell

Keynote LIVE Event

Leadership | Change | Resilience

Matina has adapted her Internationally acclaimed leadership keynote presentation to share with audiences LIVE streaming online.

LIVE Streaming Online

Audiences are afforded the opportunity to shift perspective, to see change as opportunity and consider that we all have the resilience to overcome hardship that at times might seem insurmountable, by drawing on what gives us purpose, meaning and fulfilment.

LIVE Streaming Event Q&A

Following her live streamed event, Matina enjoys interacting with her audience for an even deeper level of engagement and embedding the learning.

LIVE Streaming Event Recording

Matina's LIVE streamed event can be made available for a limited time.

Inspired by Matina...

Core Themes

Matina creates the extraordinary ability for ME to hear her story and simultaneously SEE my story in hers. My perception is changed forever and I feel an inherent ‘call to action’ in this ‘awakening’ of my story.

Key Take-outs

Live Streaming Studio

Professional Events and AV Team

Broadcast in 1080HD
Digital switching with multiple cameras live
A seamless LIVE stream experience


Matina's range of resources help further embed leadership and resilience for immediate and long-lasting cultural change.

+ Online Training & Virtual Workshops
+ Round Table Events, Coaching & Mentoring
+ Caught in the Crossfire – The Best-Selling Memoir

Leadership in Action

Online Training Course

Would you like to take your leadership to the next level?

Unprecedented access and insight into one of the most accomplished women in Australian Military history.

Matina has recently developed a range of materials to help further embed core themes… for immediate and long-lasting change.

"... Unlike any other offering in the market..."



Course Overview

‘What could be possible now?’

With fresh perspective and an open-mind, deep-dive into Matina Jewell’s six key pillars of leadership.

Sudden Leadership

Leading, 'not your job'?


'Dinner With A Warlord'


Arcs of Fire: 5 Ds to get more done


'Off to war...with no manual'


S.M.E.A.C. planning tool


'1000 Troops, Pitch Black, No Radios'


Knowing your team


'2 Years At Sea'

Decision Making

Decisions, risk and responsibility


Convey under fire


DUTIFUL Leadership


Purpose + Meaning + Action = Fulfilment

Matina is also available to host LIVE streaming Q&A sessions to accompany each module.

For complimentary access to the Decision Making Module:

Matina Jewell

Virtual Workshops

Virtual workshops with special LIVE Q&A sessions with Matina Jewell

Virtual Workshop Topics:

+ Thrive Culture
+ High Performance Teams
+ Sudden Leadership
+ Delegation
+ Communication
+ Connection
+ Decision
+ DUTIFUL Leadership
Matina Jewell

Virtual Round Table Events

LIVE Streaming executive conversations

+ Matina hosts special LIVE Q&A events with the Executive Teams
+ Matina can also be joined by some of Australia’s foremost thought leaders, change-makers and pioneers to help bring calm and a fresh perspective, by request as appropriate.

Matina Jewell

Caught in the Crossfire

The Best Selling Memoir by Matina Jewell (Allen & Unwin)

A frighteningly dramatic, first-hand account of the chaos and confusion of modern war and the leadership qualities to survive it.

Whilst serving as a UN peacekeeper in Lebanon in 2006, Matina was caught in a vicious full-scale war between Hezbollah and Israel. With aerial, artillery and tank fire exploding all around her, Matina led an extraordinary – and fateful – mission from the front line.

Under fire and under pressure, Matina’s story is one of courage, integrity and leadership in action.

Readers will travel with you through the emotional roller coaster ride. It will bring tears but it is the triumphs that will capture hearts and minds.


Couldn't put it down. 5 stars.

Herald Sun​