Matina Jewell

Shaping perspectives to
transform culture

Matina Jewell

Shaping perspectives to transform culture

Create deep and lasting change in you and your team with Matina’s impactful ‘war room’ workshops.

This unique experience, tailored to help meet your specific challenges, is the catalyst for building more resilient, united and high performing teams.  Lead with authenticity and integrity to help transform the culture for your corporate ‘battlefield’.

Workshop Topics


“Authentic, values-based leadership often takes great courage”.


“Resilient people, teams and organisations have the courage to turn challenges into opportunities.”


“Create a purpose-driven culture to help thrive through change.”


“Ensure crystal-clear mission alignment to deliver on the vision.”

Adapting for Success

“Actions-on ‘war game-planning’ to equip for success.”

Empowering Teams

“The 10 mission-critical factors of the highest performing teams.”

Mental Health

"Really knowing your team, as your support may just save a life.”

Performing Under Pressure

“Being pushed outside our comfort zones creates the best opportunities to learn."

Risk Management

"Decision making frameworks that supports risk management at every level, tested in some of the most hostile environments on earth."

Crisis Management

“Planning, practicing and executing with military precision before the crisis.”

High Performance Culture

“Creating a high performance culture that thrives through change.”

Culture & Gender

“Drawing on diversity that naturally exists within your team right now, to build stronger, dynamic teams.”