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2020: Leadership from the front-line of change

You can now join Matina in a virtual interactive event from anywhere.

2020 has thrown us some curve balls! In response, Matina has recently released three brand new, world-class virtual events offering inspiration and practical lessons to help to thrive through change.

World-class virtual events for you and your team, anywhere


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Choose from 3 amazing programs at a breakthrough price, 100% online.

Matina Jewell Virtual Events
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Real-time, in-depth learning and Q&A

Described as one of the most accomplished women in Australian Military history, Matina offers her experience and insight for an even deeper level of engagement and learning, helping you and your team thrive during these unprecedented times of change. Your personalised event will include:

Developed to empower all teams, large or small

Decision Making

Decision Making

The art of decision making in crisis

Ensuring that our teams feel empowered and supported in their decisions has never been more important. Let me share the key pillars from my ‘actions on’ decision making framework to help us feel supported, fast and flexible during times of uncertainty.

$1,800 + GST


Empowering delegation

Delegating to get more done

'You need to delegate'. But have you ever been shown how to delegate effectively? Building on a military concept, let me share my ‘Arcs of Fire’ – The 5 D’s of Delegation model and the often missed final ‘D’ – ‘Debrief’ for organisational learning and effectiveness.

$1,800 + GST

Sudden Leadership

Sudden leadership

Thrown in the deep end

Have you ‘suddenly’ found yourself with leadership responsibilities? I see so many people who are great at their job technically thrown into leadership roles. These 3 key tenants will help empower sudden leaders.

$1,800 + GST

Tested on Battlefields and in Boardrooms

The lessons and tips I want to share with you have been learned on perhaps the toughest leadership fields on earth; military and war zones. I like to say they have been truly tested under tough circumstances. In times and places where people are stretched, stressed and where making an error can be the difference between life or death. I have been sharing these leadership lessons with thousands of leaders around the world - across industries and all walks-of-life - and I’m excited to share them with you.

I recently had the pleasure of coordinating an online session with Matina Jewell for our Rural Room Media Stringers Network; a nationwide ecosystem of creatives based all over regional Australia. Working with Matina was an absolute joy – she is 100 percent invested in the process from start to end and went to great lengths to learn about our business so she could genuinely connect with the audience. Her story is truly inspiring, and she made herself open and available to a vast range of questions which returned a wealth of information, ideas and insights that were extremely valuable to our audience. Matina is professional, authentic, uplifting, empowering, passionate, relatable - a special spirit who makes a lasting impact. We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to enjoy such a dynamic online experience with an incredible individual."


Your Host
Major Matina Jewell (Ret'd) CSP

Leadership Strategist
International Keynote Speaker
Best-selling Author

Matina earned her military accolades in some of the toughest environments on earth.

Her courageous decision-making in crisis, dutiful leadership style and purpose driven approach to building resilient teams, continues to help leading organisations globally, to thrive through change.

As an in-demand International keynote speaker for over a decade, Matina’s enthralling footage shot first-hand on the front-line captures her audience from the first moment.

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